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Stuff That The World Will Never See
Tuesday, 27 June 2006
Fun night at the skate park
Mood:  party time!
Now Playing: nothing special...
Topic: Corey......

hey...ok last night was the best

i went to the pool with kirsten and brittany after i made my last entry. we had fun theere. then we decided to go to tempo get food and then head back to the skatepark. we sat at the skate park for a while just chillin and i slid down the half pipe to put my slushie container in the garbage(i actually finished one) and turned to look up at kaits and kirsten and i see just pooof outta nowhere...theres corey...on rollerblades well im sitting there dumbfounded(well okay its not that big a deal its just that i really didn't expect him to be there). so then devin pops up behind him and corey is rollerbldadijng around(which makes him way hotter) and devin is then corey goes to do this trick and he goes up the green ramp turns comes flying over to the blue half ramp(which is no beside the half pipe) and jumps from one to the other. well that was like ooober kool. then he did it again and feel and he looks at us(although i thought he was most looking at me but that might just be me being nieve)and he says....shut up...just shut up and bursts out laffing it was hilarious. then devin wanted to light a firecracker and asked me if id rat him out and i was like...i won't rat you out if i don't get in trouble. so he didn't light the thing he just put it in his pocket. then he sat on the other side of the half pipe and was telling me about his new horse. and i told him im riding a 28 year old quarterhorse arabnamed dandy and hes like...holy 28!?! and i was like...uh ya ive ridden older. it was koo. then corey told me im always pissed off which i laffed at because i always manage to be pissed off at some point when hes around...? iunno why. anyways then he was doing his little trick thing and he fell and i laffed at him and he smiled up at me*drools!* and hes wanna try then?... and i was like...well i would but i don't think i would and he smiled and skated away and then a little bit before they were about to leave corey skates up to my side of the half pipe where im sitting sorta by myself but not really but kirsten and kaits were tlking and he stands next to me and is like ...hey im gonna come stand with you over here...and he sorta shifted around a bit and stepped on a chip. he looked at me and gave me a goofy grin then said ..uhhh i think im gonna go stand with devin...and skated away as i said..ok you do that. and while this was going on devin was sitting there and hes you guys like katelyn currie? and we were all like...noooo....and hes like good me either i think shes a bitch and she spazzesabout everything. and then corey adds in ya well do you like bryanna and we're all like uh no way...and hes like ya well i think shes a frickin horny and we all started laffing. so yeah thhen they sorta left after that and we went home a lil later but that was like the coolest thing they were both being soo awesome and its kool to know that they don't like two of the most popular girls in the school so booyea

o k signing off


Posted by devilinamidnightmass at 12:13 PM EDT
Thursday, 22 June 2006

Mood:  don't ask
Now Playing: nothing...
Topic: my boring life
hey..okay this is like the fifth time i have tried to write this thing because its having difficulties or something. iunno but the site is being retarded. things have been getting a lil bit weird lately. okay i have had this crush on this guy in my class all year and its annoying because hes leaving and he doesn't seem to care about the little people. anyways i was trying not to care at all and i was getting over him(as hard as that is for me to believe) and then there was the dance. okay so we had this year end semi formal dance. well i didn't go all out but got dressed up a lil bit. all my friends looked really great and i was kinda jealous becuz i felt underdone. anyway thats not really the point. so we're there and having a good time and i actually loosened up a lot...usually i don't dance even at danxces but i was going crazy and having fun. so then the second half of the dance is all slow songs. now that wouldn't be so bad except the fact that i have never danced with a guy before. i know how sad im fourteen and im still completely green. anyways so there was nothing for me to do plus the guy that i have a major crush on danced eight times and even tho he didn't ask anybody he didn't say no either. i was seeing green becuz i knew that if i had have asked him he would have refused. so there was that and then all of a sudden i have been crushing sooooo bad when i had almost given up before. so now im still loving this guy and he barely knows im alive. so anyways then theres these other guys and i mean they both already have gfs but the one guy i used to absolutly hate cuz hes a bit of an ass most of the time but then we had a science class outing thing today where we tested the water quality of the creek by the school and at first we were snipping at each other and i was pissed at him(although hes hott i found out that hes reallt afraid of so am i actually. anyways so then we had to go do the actual testing and he was the one taking the water out of the stream. so i was sorta telling him what to do and stuff and i looked into his eyes and i saw a weird sincerity there that i have never noticed before. after that i guess i felt a lil bit bolder and a lil less afraid of him so i was a lil bit more close. iunno but i kept brushing his hands(even tho he was wearing gloves) and at a couple of points we bonked heads. but he was just nice and without his partner in crime(the other guy i was tlking about) hes actually half decent(and he smells really i sort of also noticed that he has really big hands....big nice hands and fairly big you have to understand that this guy has not an ounce of fat on him and hes muscular as all hell. anyways that went really well. and he was fairly nice to me in class too so i was pleased. and then theres the other guy(the first guy i was tlking about...whose name is corey)hes being really weird this week and staring at me and my friend kaitlyn (we both have huge crushes on him) and just being weird. ok im gonna go for now cuz its the end of humanities but ill be back...mwoohahahahahaa
kay byes

Posted by devilinamidnightmass at 5:07 PM EDT

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